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BLADE Studios

BLADE Studios- Scoring, Composition, Post and ADR Blade Studios is a world-class sound recording studio complex offering composition, and post production for film including ADR. Our services also include complete music production, sound studio rental, producing and engineering services, and mixing. Each studio features 5.1 monitoring, HD projectors, and ISDN capabilities to connect remotely.

Contact: 318.213.0777


CRM Studios

CRM Studios Louisiana is a full service digital media production company offering extensive expertise in all forms of video and audio production. CRM provides full script to screen production for TV commercials and all types of promotional videos including everything from writing to editing, using the latest advancements in digital media technology. The CRM team includes a multi-award winning editor and director of photography who are highly creative and passionate about their craft. They are experienced in all forms of production and have exceptional storytelling skills. In conjunction with our CRM Studios in Dallas, CRM Studios Louisiana is able to offer an outstanding array of broadcast production services unlike any other production company in the region.

  • 1600 sq.ft. digital media stage with 11'4" net height
  • Industry standard green screen with curved cyc wall
  • Adobe and Final Cut Pro edit suites (2)
  • Lighting kits (Arri, Lowell) and grip equipment
  • Avid Pro Tools Audio edit suite
  • Panasonic HD cameras, Canon 7D with lenses
  • Sliders and jib

Contact: 318.629.8620
BioSpace1, Suite 107
InterTech Science Park
2031 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA. 71103

Digital Media Institute at InterTech (DMII)

Digital Media Institute at InterTech (DMII)offers a one-year intensive program in Animation, Visual Effects & Interactive Content and is the only one of its kind in the region that allows students get quality rapid training in a professional environment. DMII facilities include industry-grade hardware and software which is available to students as well as a 1600 sq.ft. studio. This studio features a green screen cyc wall, motion capture, professional grade lighting and grip gear. The stage at DMII also boasts a multi-actor motion capture system pared with high quality digital cinema cameras capable of producing stunning 4K footage. The DMII supports collaborative efforts with enterprises within the industry and plans to expand its offerings to include software development, digital audio, digital cinema and industrial design and 3D printing.

Fairfield Studios

Video Production and Post / ADR / Equipment
Fairfield Studios provides both a versatile video production company and exemplary post house - conveniently located in the heart of Shreveport-Bossier - boasting both convenience and budget-friendly work by an innovative, knowledgeable and talented team. Motion Picture Services include post-production for movie trailers, web promotional videos, DVD Extras, and more. Fairfield's ADR Department has been serving the area for numerous years, completing ADR for movies such as Avatar and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Additionally, Fairfield Studios offers crews and equipment for EPKs and a broad scope of production services, including:

  • Studio Rental (1375 sq ft and 700 sq ft studio)
  • ADR Booth (2)
  • 25' camera crane
  • 50' flexi-track dolly (Kessler Ultimate Dolly)
  • 3' slider (Kessler Cineslider)
  • Sound, Grip and Lighting Equipment
  • Office Space Rental

Contact: Clint McCommon
1510 Fairfield Ave
Shreveport, LA 71101


The Louisiana Wave Studio

is the only feature film facility in the world that can automatically generate a variety of waves at the touch of a button.The tank is 100 feet long, 80 feet wide and eight feet deep. The 8,000 square foot tank holds 750,000 gallons of water. Originally built for Walt Disney's film, "The Guardian," the tank is capable of generating a variety of waves up to nine feet high as well as horizontal storm conditions. Storage water drums mounted fifty feet high allows water to be dumped on actors and/or set pieces on either side. Ancillary fans can also create wind effects. Any wave or water action a director can imagine can be created by using the three 150 horsepower turbine-fans and the computerized hidden air chambers. The open air above the tank allows maximum flexibility for production. The wide aprons at the facility allows for easy and secure camera maneuverability. The Louisiana Wave Studio was recently used for "I Love You Phillip Morris", "Streets of Blood", and "Shark Night-3D".

Contact: Ken Atchity at 888.wav.tank (928.8265), and or visit www.thelouisianawavestudio.com.
Video Demo: www.thelouisianawavestudio.com/video.html

Millennium Studios

Millennium Studios now has a studio facility with two sound stages, over 14,000 square feet of office space, hair/ makeup room, construction mill, and much more.We also have a full service prop house and production service company which offers integral support to productions while shooting in Louisiana, especially in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Services Include:

  • Film related sales and rentals (maximize your Louisiana spend)
  • Props – over 20,000 sq ft of more than 10,000 items ranging from furniture to artwork to custom built sets
  • Specialty items including hospital set, office sets, lots of prop money, various type of
    drug paraphernalia, and much more.
  • Wardrobe - over - 2000 sq ft of wardrobe
  • Fleet of picture cars
  • Fleet of passenger cars and vans for daily and weekly rentals
  • Film trailer rentals
  • Office equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Phone systems
  • On-set communication systems
  • Much More

300 Douglas Street
Shreveport, LA 71101

Moonbot Studios

Moonbot Studios is an animation and interactive storytelling studio located in Shreveport's InterTech Science Park. Founded by partners William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg and Lampton Enochs, Moonbot creates whimsical worlds and heartfelt characters across platforms including books, films, games and other entertainment media. The team puts art and craftsmanship at the heart of every project, winning awards including an Oscar, Emmys awards, Cannes Lions, Webbys and Clios. Services include conceptual design, pre-visualization, title design, matte painting, miniatures, animation and game/app development.

Contact: Lampton Enochs, Managing Director 318-213-0770

"We had a productive and excellent experience in Shreveport in 2008. People were extremely supportive, facilities were excellent, traffic was light, the extras were highly accommodating, and the casting provided a wide range of talent all the way from Dallas to New Orleans."
- Oliver Stone, Director

The Robinson Film Center

The Robinson Film Center is the region's only venue for independent, international and classic cinema and community resource for media-related educational programming for all ages. The RFC houses tow state-of-the-art theaters featuring the latest in 35mm and hi-eg digital projection. Private screening facilities for dailies (35 mm and digital) and multi-purpose media rooms are available.

Contact: 318.459.4122
617 Texas Street
Shreveport, LA 71101 www.robinsonfilmcenter.org.

Stage West

Stage West offers a full service production facility featuring two stage areas with approximately 25,000 (22 feet to grid) and 6,500 square feet. 15,000 feet of fully furnished production offices equipped with wireless internet access and complete telecommunication package with immediate access to 200 phone lines. Parking on-site.

Contact: Lottie McGuire - (318) 861-6989 or
(318) 393-3585 Lmcguire100@aol.com

Ashley McConnell - (318) 655-0945 ashmcconnell11@gmail.com


StageWorks of Louisiana is the regions largest and most
well appointed studio center offering clear span sound
stage space totaling 52,000 square feet. In addition to
its two sound stages, StageWorks has 25,000 square feet of furnished, networked production offices, mill and paint areas, make up/dressing rooms, cafeteria and secure lock ups. Ceiling height is 24 feet with 33 feet in selected areas. Includes a commercial commissary, which can support on-site catering as well as exterior hook-ups to accommodate mobile kitchens.

StageWorks has hosted multiple television and film projects including Kevin Costner's feature film "Mr. Brooks", Warner Bros "The Year Without Santa", The Weinstein Company's "The Mist", Nu Images feature film titled "Mad Money", Sony Pictures' "Year One" and Oliver Stone's "W", Screen Gems "Straw Dogs", Fox Television series "The Gates" and "Olympus Has Fallen", and "Salem", Fox Television series.

To get a full tour and overview of the facility's specifications, please call us.

Contact: 318.221.3175

List of movies filmed at this location
can be found on imdb.com.

State Fair of Louisiana Fairgrounds Complex

The State Fair of Louisiana Fairgrounds Complex is available for production. Included at the fairgrounds are buildings, office space, vast parking areas, outdoor production areas and vehicle/equipment storage. Here is a list of the buildings:

  • Hirsch Coliseum, is a 10,300 seat arena. The arena's floor space is 120 x 240 feet and has a ceiling height of 90 feet.
  • Exhibits Building is 12,000 square feet with an open floor plan and ceiling height of 18 feet.
  • Agriculture Building is approximate 20,000 sq ft with a ceiling height of 26 feet in center and 18 feet on both sides.
  • Round-Up Building seats 200 and is often utilized as Catering Facility.
  • Office Space including two large rooms, three offices, VIP room with balcony and restrooms.
  • Livestock barns provide a hugh area under roof.

Contact: Chris Giordana at 318.635.1361
or chris@statefairoflouisiana.com


WorldWide FX

WorldWide FX, Europe's busiest visual effects facility has opened in Shreveport. WWFX is a full service facility offering state of the art 3-D graphics, compositing, and more. WWFX has completed work on more than 100 features including recent releases, "Texas Chainsaw 3D", "Olympus has Fallen" and "The Iceman"

Contact: 318.841.3582
300 Douglas Street
Shreveport, LA 71101